You are about to embark in a new adventure, a new journey in your life towards fitness, better health, better posture and better life choices. You may not know what all the Pilates equipment is called when you first start your classes if you are new to Pilates. That is just fine. You are among friends at My Pilates Wellington. If you are a Pilates student transferring to our Pilates center or visiting from up north during the equestrian season you will be happy to know that we offer you the best equipment including  Balanced Body Allgero Reformers, Tower of Power, Pilates Trapeze Table or Cadillac and Wunda Chairs and Ladder Barrels.

Joseph Pilates, the ailing son of a prize winning gymnast in the 19th century, in response to years of childhood suffering from rheumatic fever and a host of ills, focused his life on improving his health and strength. He designed his program specifically for rehabilitation and strength and stamina.

Practiced correctly , Pilates will strengthen your core muscles ( deep abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles ) and your deep back muscles, helping you achieve relief for your back pain.

Pilates also teaches awareness of neutral alignment of the spine; alignment that is neither perfectly flat nor overly arched; strengthening the deep muscles that support the alignment are important to prevent and alleviate back pain.

If you try to do pilates by yourself injuries are always possible. That is why itʼs important to be under the watchful eye of a certified instructor. We are here and ready to help you achieve success in your training at the premiere Wellington Pilates studio, My Pilates.

People that suffer from back problems, like herniated discs of the spine, can not do exercises without supervision. If they do, they may do more harm than good. Pilates is low-impact and does not induce inflammation or overuse syndromes. At My Pilates of Wellington, our goal is to teach you how to do the exercises the correct way. We give you enough information on basic solutions to help yourself prevent further injury and to feel better today. Of course, you should always seek medical advice for an acute injury from a licensed M.D. or medical professional.

Magic Circle

  The Magic Circle is used to challenge your balance and your core.  Joseph Pilates has the distinction of being the inventor of the magic circle. While we often hear fitness circle, exercise ring, fitness ring, magic circle is still the preferred name in Pilates. It is said that Joseph Pilates made the first magic circle […]

Pilates Teacher Training (PMA)

My Pilates is an affiliate of Pilates Sport Center which is internationally recognized and upholds all of the PMA criteria for a Pilates educational program.  Our teacher training Classes and workshops starts in June!!  Class sizes are small and seats are limited.

New Website!!

My Pilates is pleased to announce our NEW Website:)) This site offers new features such as an easy to read schedule which you can schedule a class right from the home page, new Pilates Teacher Trainer  page with an on-line application link, downloadable forms page and much more….come check it out!

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