Appointment Policy

  • Please give 4 hours advanced notice if you must cancel or change any scheduled appointments. If you fail to cancel your appointment, or do not show, you will be charged $10 for a NO SHOW FEE.
  • In order to reserve an appointment, all appointments are prepaid at time of scheduling.
  • Please notify your trainer or a staff member if you are experiencing any difficulty with your program or on-line scheduling.
  • If more than three sessions are missed without sufficient notice, your trainer has the right to give your time slot to a new client.
  • All monthly unlimited group sessions purchased expire at the end of every 30 day cycle.
  • Fees and payments are non-refundable.
  • Appointments will not be extended and will end on time even for clients arriving late.

Studio Policy

  • Please arrive on time for each class. If you miss the warm-up, you are increasing your chance of injury, and this is an interruption to other participants in the class.
  • My Pilates offers the use of our matts free of charge but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Please be courteous of other participants and refrain from lengthy conversation in class. Yoga classes require a mind-body connection that is best received in a serene atmosphere.
  • If you reserve a spot in a class and miss three or more times, your slot can be given to another participant if the reserved spots are full.
  • Please keep cell phones off during class.
  • All classes purchased expire at the end of every 30 day cycle.
  • Fees and payments are non-refundable.
  • If you need to use the restroom please do so prior to the start of the class as not to interrupt your class or the class that is in the adjacent room.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Baggy clothes make it difficult for the instructor to see body positioning.
  • If you have long hair it is recommended to tie it up.
  • Please remove your shoes upon entering the yoga room.
  • My Pilates LLC is not responsible for any injury that occurs on the premises and reserves the right to dismiss any student who is disrupting the harmony of the class.

Medical Release

I declare that I am medically and physically able and free from impairment to participate in fitness activities.  I further declare that I have consulted with a physician regarding any illness, disability, or injury, which I am aware of and have been cleared to participate fully, and without limitations.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Pilates Teacher Training / Workshops

  • Refund of deposit is given only if a confirmed cancellation is received 14 days prior to the course start date that the applicant has applied to. No deposit refunds are given after that date.
  • If after 14 days, the deposit can be credited one time to the next scheduled course at the same location or transferred to another student who meets PSC pre-requisites within a 6/six month period.
  • Tuition payments made prior to the course will be refunded if cancellation meets the above requirements.  Any tuition paid is NOT refundable once the course has begun.
  • The deposit ($500 for Full Course / $100 for Mat or a Module) is due with registration to reserve a place in the course.  No spot can be held without deposit.

 Monthly Unlimited Auto-Pay Contracts/Policy

There is a penalty-free cancellation of the monthly unlimited Auto pay contract within 3 days, exclusive of holidays and weekends, of its making, upon the mailing or delivery of written notice to My Pilates, and refund upon such notice of all monies paid under the contract, except that the My Pilates studio may retain an amount computed by dividing the number of occasions studio services are to be rendered into the total contract price and multiplying the result by the number of days that have passed since the making of the contract or, if appropriate, by the number of occasions that the My Pilates Studio services have been rendered.  A refund shall be issued within 30 days after receipt of the notice of cancellation made within the initial 3-day provision.  After the 3rd day all payments are final.  After this period, if you wish to cancel  this contract you must give us a minimum of 14 days written notice prior to your next recurrent automatic bill payment or you will be charged.  We allow clients to FREEZE one month every six months instead of canceling their membership and you must give 15 days prior written notice. If you do not cancel this contract following the guidelines as stated above you will be Auto charged.

Group Packages / Private Packages

There is a penalty-free cancellation of this contract within 3 days, exclusive of holidays and weekends,  upon written notice to My Pilates, and refund upon such notice of all monies paid under the contract, except for sessions that were used.  After this there is no refund, which means if a NEW client purchases their FIRST private / group package and then decides he or she can not use it they can request, in writing within 3 business days of the purchase, a full refund minus the private / group sessions already used.  After this time period passes, ther are no refunds.

Magic Circle

  The Magic Circle is used to challenge your balance and your core.  Joseph Pilates has the distinction of being the inventor of the magic circle. While we often hear fitness circle, exercise ring, fitness ring, magic circle is still the preferred name in Pilates. It is said that Joseph Pilates made the first magic circle […]

Pilates Teacher Training (PMA)

My Pilates is an affiliate of Pilates Sport Center which is internationally recognized and upholds all of the PMA criteria for a Pilates educational program.  Our teacher training Classes and workshops starts in June!!  Class sizes are small and seats are limited.

New Website!!

My Pilates is pleased to announce our NEW Website:)) This site offers new features such as an easy to read schedule which you can schedule a class right from the home page, new Pilates Teacher Trainer  page with an on-line application link, downloadable forms page and much more….come check it out!

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