Welcome to My Pilates Wellington!

Where the ‘MY’ means you! You will feel safe and comfortable working with our highly qualified instructors. If you are looking for an affordable way to get a work out in a friendly atmosphere then you have found the right Pilates, Yoga and Barre Studio: My Pilates Wellington.

Pilates, Barre, and Yoga Instruction

Joseph Pilates said, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” This philosophy shines through with each movement you learn and with each step towards better health you take.

If you are looking to transform your body and renew your spirit try our cardio based workout called MyBarre which is based on Pilates principles.

The best part of your My Pilates Wellington experience may be the individualized attention you receive making sure you understand each exercise and each movement for a completely transforming workout. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, comfortable, affordable and friendly workout with highly qualify instructors.


Pilates Teacher Training (PMA)

My Pilates is an affiliate of Pilates Sport Center which is internationally recognized and upholds all of the PMA criteria for a Pilates educational program.  Our Classes and workshops starts in June!!  Class sizes are small and seats are limited.


New Website!!

My Pilates is pleased to announce our NEW Website:)) This site offers new features such as an easy to read schedule which you can schedule a class right from the home page, new Pilates Teacher Trainer  page with an on-line application link, downloadable forms page and much more….come check it out!


Pilates Instructor Program

A “cutting edge approach” to Pilates Teacher Training.  Learn the original exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates; one that preserves the essence of the original technique but incorporates today’s modern biomechanics knowledge and exercise science principals.


My Pilates in Wellington has New Certified Barre Class

If your SERIOUS about getting in shape and toning up then you MUST experience this new MY BARRE class.  An exercise with extraordinary high energy and zero impact that unites Barre work with light weights and recurrent fat burning motion.  When you are at the barre you have an appreciation of balance which allows you […]


Wellington Pilates For Equestrians

Wouldn’t you love to improve your riding skills? It is as easy as improving your core muscles. Pilates will help you learn how to use the arms and legs without tightening the hip flexors. Tightening of the hip flexors will cause your pelvis to pull forward out of neutral position and in consequence causes a curve in […]

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