Wellington Pilates For Equestrians

August 20th, 2011


Wouldn’t you love to improve your riding skills? It is as easy as improving your core muscles. Pilates will help you learn how to use the arms and legs without tightening the hip flexors. Tightening of the hip flexors will cause your pelvis to pull forward out of neutral position and in consequence causes a curve in the lower back forcing your legs forward and out of the correct “ear-shoulder-hip-heel alignment”.

We will focus on improving your body awareness and control. Not only will this improve your riding but it will enhance your everyday life.
We help riders improve their seat by strengthening the core, improving balance, pelvic and shoulder stability and concentrating on alignment.

We will identify the areas of muscle weakness and imbalance and focus on the areas that need improvement, creating specific pilates exercises to improve your athletic performance.

To achieve a strong but flexible upright seat in the saddle and keep the legs still through all paces you need to use the deep core muscles. If you are a rider, you know riding requires control, strength, and symmetry from both sides of the body. Control, independent movements, and strength will all improve with good core stability.

Many riders suffer from back and neck pain, and this is a huge inhibitor in training the transverse abdominal muscles; postural muscles that runs transversely around the belly and its main function is to stabilize the spinal joints and flatten the tummy; stiffness will cause pain and hence, weakening the core. Having a regular pilates routine can bring dynamic changes and even eliminate all your back and neck afflictions. You probably spend hours conditioning and perfecting your horse, what about conditioning and perfecting your own body? The truth is if you are not in good shape it will show in your riding ability. Pilates is a perfect exercise program for riders who want to feel well, ride well and enjoy a better life. Donʼt wait any longer.

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Magic Circle

  The Magic Circle is used to challenge your balance and your core.  Joseph Pilates has the distinction of being the inventor of the magic circle. While we often hear fitness circle, exercise ring, fitness ring, magic circle is still the preferred name in Pilates. It is said that Joseph Pilates made the first magic circle […]

Pilates Teacher Training (PMA)

My Pilates is an affiliate of Pilates Sport Center which is internationally recognized and upholds all of the PMA criteria for a Pilates educational program.  Our teacher training Classes and workshops starts in June!!  Class sizes are small and seats are limited.

New Website!!

My Pilates is pleased to announce our NEW Website:)) This site offers new features such as an easy to read schedule which you can schedule a class right from the home page, new Pilates Teacher Trainer  page with an on-line application link, downloadable forms page and much more….come check it out!

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